Quiz Night, May 4th…

Canolfan Porthceri held a pretty good quiz night at The Park Hotel last Friday. I was a bit worried when I arrived and there were only about 4 people there, but it soon filled up nicely, and we ended up with ten teams. After the third question I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t be able to answer ANY, but fortunately, the topics broadened out and I started to get one or two right. In addition to four standard Q and A rounds, there were two Picture quiz rounds, and I’m pleased to relate that I did better on the Star Wars one than the Celebrities one!

The final team scores were -

  • Pukka Bandits (36)
  • The Gardeners (48)
  • The Stargazers (49)
  • The InterContinentals (24)
  • Thee Misfits (44)
  • No Overall Control (49)
  • The Expendables (42)
  • Where’s Kenny (48)
  • The Whipper Snappers (46)
  • Team Porthceri (55)

As Team Porthceri had obviously rigged the result, after much verbal abuse (mainly from me) they decided to forfeit the result, and the prize went to the joint runners-up.

The bag of compost that has apparently been circulating local raffles was sent on its way, along with a few other (perhaps more coveted) prizes.

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Special Thanks to Craig (Crag) Palmer, our Question Master, and to Mark Davies for his work on the questions.

And we made £190 for the funds!

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2 Responses to Quiz Night, May 4th…

  1. Monika Jones says:

    wish I had won the compost!!!

  2. Pat says:

    Everybody wanted the compost! A sign of our times? And as a member of the hugely erudite and victorious Porthceri team, I can testify we absolutely did not cheat. We just have, in our midst, this dodgy fifth columnist who is intent on heinous sabotage.

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