This wall-hanging tells a story!

Well, stories actually. Behind every contribution – and there are 37! – lies a story. Everyone making a square was asked to say a few words about their connection with Barry, or what Barry meant to them and while many of the entries gave details of what prompted them to make their particular design, some actually described lives spent in Barry over decades, with all the changes they have seen. All of them, however, displayed a love for this beautiful town, and this shines through all the contributions to this commemorative wall-hanging.

The youngest contributors are 12 years old – a group of girls from Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School who, with their teacher, Sally Paulakis,  produced between them six colourful depictions of the Barry they know. And they did it all during their lunch breaks!









The oldest contributor is 100 years old! Lilian Spierling was born in Barry in 1911 and lived in The Butts before moving to North Walk. She and her husband adopted two Greek boys after the war and they grew up in Barry too. They were all keen members of the Yacht Club and thought nothing of making sails in their house! Lillian also did a lot of dressmaking, tapestries and crocheting, and it is one of these crocheted pieces which is being incorporated into a square for the wall-hanging. She now lives on her own, with failing eyesight, and appreciates and enjoys all the help and support she gets from everyone.

There are many such stories… and too good to get lost! So accompanying the finished wall-hanging will be a booklet of sorts, picturing each square, with details of its artist/designer and the backstory which accompanies it. So along with creativity we will have a bit of social history!

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2 Responses to This wall-hanging tells a story!

  1. bridget says:

    I’m wondering if I could get in touch with you Pat as this project sounds really wonderful and I’d like to try and learn more about it. I will be working on a theatre project in Barry from September – December which will have local people’s feeling and associations with Barry at the heart of it and so I’d really like to involve the young people from Bryn Hafren if possible.

  2. Pat says:

    It’s very encouraging to see so much taking off in Barry! Thank you for your comment, Bridget – I have replied to your email address.

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