That Was The Barry Arts Festival 2012

So that’s it. It’s all over. Ten days of chaos. Ten days of music, dance, poetry, literature, art, photography, and more. Ten days of meeting new people, people from Barry, or who live in Barry, or have lived in Barry. People who are artists, dancers, photographers, performers, writers, poets, or people who just appreciate their work and want to see more. People who are proud of their roots, who want to see more and better for Barry.

The feedback we have received says that this has been a real success. Will there be another? Who knows? We will be having a proper de-brief on how we felt it went, and deciding where we go from here. But for now, we are taking it a bit easier, and tidying up loose ends, sorting out the accounts, and thanking the people that have worked so hard on this festival.

And although it’s going a little quieter for a while, the creative people who contributed so much are still busy. Glyn Pooley’s exhibition is continuing for a while (I must get some photos!), many of the choirs that supported us are to be seen at the Eisteddfod, just down the road at Llandow. Vale of Glamorgan Artists (VOGA) are exhibiting there as well. PUKKA and Superstars are busy preparing for new terms in their schools, and “The Next Show”.

They are out there – keep your eyes open for them, and support them!

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One Response to That Was The Barry Arts Festival 2012

  1. Pat says:

    The festival wallhanging will be on display at Barry Library for two weeks from tomorrow. In the window, I believe.

    And Becci Holmes, who designed the mural, is going to have a bit of a paint on Friday before it gets varnished. Just to say she contributed too!

    Many thanks to everyone who contributed to either of these community projects to mark the first Barry Arts Festival!

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