Project 1: Yarn Bombing – what is THAT?

Also known as Yarn-Storming, Grafitti Knitting, Guerilla Knitting … follow this link to see some fantastic images:

For the Barry Arts Festival 2013 (24th May – 2nd June), we are hoping to yarn-bomb a couple of trees around Barry – more of that later, when arrangements have been made.

Mainly, however, we are concentrating on producing, with the help of the knitting/crocheting community in Barry, a number of objects which have been decorated, or ‘clothed’ in colourful yarn/wool/acrylic yarn in order to exhibit them as art installations during the period of the festival.

For this we need your help and your creativity, with a great deal of quirkiness thrown in. In order to help this project along, I am planning two things:

  1. to make a collection of wool or yarn so that people who wish to participate can draw upon stocks without going to too much expense. So if you can donate yarn, please contact me!
  2. to arrange yarn bombing/knitting/crocheting sessions so that those who are expert can pass on their knowledge to those that aren’t. And sometimes it’s fun to create in company, with a coffee beside you. If this would interest you, please contact me.

I bought a small pink watering can on holiday, and gave it a jacket and some embellishment – lots of fun! I also yarn-bombed a tree in my son’s front garden, just to see how easy it was – the secret is a very large crochet hook (6mm upwards), bright colours and lots of holes rather than solid crocheting or knitting.

So, take a look at the website link and google all the terms above – and get in touch with me to register. There is, naturally, no fee attached to this. We just want to have fun and show the world how creative and colourful Barry is!

email:     tel: 01446 735710 (evenings best)

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