Project 3: Sculpture/Model – a bit of heavy metal?

We now come to the third project organised by Canolfan Porthceri for the Barry Arts Festival 2013: sculptures, models, installations using recycled/reclaimed materials.

The other two projects are pretty ‘soft’ – involving materials such as fabrics, yarns, other textiles… so we wanted to get the balance right this time and introduce a bit of the hard stuff: metal, wood, plastic. So if you have cutting/welding gear, or a chainsaw, or a soldering iron… or even just strong glue, this could be something for you.

I’ve been keeping my eyes open and looking around for examples of such artwork, and have found animals (cows, bison etc) made from old motorbike petrol tanks and other metal bits, birds made from forks, spoons and knives, a horse’s head made from strips cut from an old copper boiler, and many, many small items made from nuts, bolts, springs, the innards of clocks…. the list is endless.

To get a little inspiration (if you need it) please take a look at the following links:

And if you want to look at something close to home, take a look at Charles Byrd’s model in Barry Library.

Please note, display space may be limited, so no life size tanks or cranes… just something which would sit comfortably on a table, or stand beside it, perhaps.

If all this appeals to you, please contact me!

email:       tel: 01446 735710



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