We need to raise our profile. In spite of working on this project since February 2010, we and our aims are still relatively unknown within Barry. This website contains reasonably recent information on our activities and events, and our progress through the morass that is fundraising in the present economic environment.

Here are a few adverts that could be printed out and put in windows, on display boards or office notice boards. So, if you are interested enough to read this, please feel free to print out any of these posters and display them!

Posters are A4 Adobe PDF documents.









A4 gareth Williams

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2 Responses to Publicity

  1. julie griffiths says:

    I have only recently become aware of your project. I think it is very exciting.
    Just a thought about publicity, could you use face book to promote events? If I was aware of events I would happily share them. Or you could post events yourself and ask people to like and share.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    Kindest regards

    Julie Griffiths

    • julie griffiths says:

      After making my last post, I realise that you do have a face book page.


      Must learn to look before I leap.

      Kind regards


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