We would really like your input into our plans.

Do you think Barry needs an Arts Centre? Somewhere that artists can work, meet, run classes, exhibit and sell their works?

Do you think Barry needs a medium-sized performance venue? Something smaller (and less expensive!) than the Memorial Hall Theatre, but bigger than the St Francis Millennium Centre. Say something that will hold a couple of hundred people? Somewhere that local Amateur Dramatics groups can perform? Somewhere where the hundreds of  children involved with the many stage and theatre schools in Barry can perform? Somewhere for local bands and choirs to perform?

Do you think Barry needs a Cultural or Community Centre? And what does this mean to you? Heritage and history? Welsh language and traditions?

Do you think Barry needs a “home” for the Welsh language? Somewhere that you could learn Welsh at YOUR level? Somewhere where you could practice the Welsh that you learnt in school, and haven’t used since. Somewhere where you can learn the language that many of your children are being taught with?

And perhaps more importantly -

Would YOU USE such a facility? Hold meetings or functions here? Run classes, or give a talk on your pet subject? Run regular dance classes or drama workshops? Hire the venue for your band’s next performance?

Would YOU support such a facility? Come to shows, exhibitions and such? Stop in to buy a coffee and see what’s happening? Browse the art shop?

Can you help us in some way? Do you have skills that you could donate to us for a few hours? This could range from legal advice to decorating – at this stage, we just need you to think about it, and maybe sign up for the future, so that if/when we need your help, we could give you a call.

Can you tell someone about us? Do whatever you do on Facebook or Twitter so that all your friends hear about us? Put up a leaflet or postcard at work?

Can you spare a few minutes RIGHT NOW? We have an on-line questionnaire that we’d love you to fill in. It’s also available in Welsh.

And you can always add your comments to these pages and posts!


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