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Dear team,

My name is Sarah Creasey and I am writing to voice my support, excitement and visions for the proposed ‘Arts Centre’ here in Barry.

Firstly, I’m delighted that people have enough belief in our town to do something so positive and creative. Barry is a huge town with a diverse population of people who deserve better than they get at times. I think that the opportunity of having arts on our doorstep is wonderful.

On a professional level, I am the director of ‘Pukka Productions’, an amateur dramatics group here in Barry. We have a youth section of over fifty children and an adult cast varying from 20-30 young adults. These people work tirelessly to produce high quality amateur shows. Our problem is that we have nowhere to perform them in our own town. The one possible venue sits over a thousand people and charges beyond our budget. We have stretched our financial resources to the limit to continue performing in this venue, but the time has come where we are no longer able to do this. We were devastated when we had to perform our last show in Penarth because it has a 300 seating theatre and is within our budget. We are a Barry group. We rehearse in Barry, we live in Barry, we would give anything to perform in Barry.

I hope that the new arts centre will give us this opportunity. I hope that it would house a small theatre that local and professional groups would use to perform in our own town. I have been to many professional performances in the large venue in town where audiences have been as few as 100-200. It is a shame and creates a negative atmosphere. I believe that many of these groups would embrace an arts centre.

We would also be interested in running our three theatre school classes from the venue. Pukka Petites (for children aged 3-6yrs) Pukka Potential (for 6 plus yrs) and Pukka Plus (for the more able/talented/mature children). We are at a stage where our theatre school could expand, but space availability is currently preventing us from doing so.

On a personal level, I am a professional Mum who would love to bring my children up with more creative diversity. I am not always able to take them into Cardiff because of ticket prices, transportation, parking and time. An hour long performance will take up the best part of three hours of my time. If there were workshops, plays, art exhibitions, creative activities etc on my doorstep, I would be an enthusiastic supporter.

I hope that this venture will be a success and will be happy to support it in any way I can.

Best regards,

Sarah Creasey.

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