Military Wives’ Song Recording

It took just a week to organise, and 4 hours to rehearse and record, and it was a huge success.

On 21st December Canolfan Porthceri Centre organised a half-day singing session.  The object of the event was to learn and record the lovely song “Wherever you are” and send it to Radio 2’s Chris Evans show as part of the programme’s call out to choirs across the country.

The result was 33 people coming together to sing – and from the feedback we’ve had it was obviously very popular.  Several people asked – “when’s the next one?”, and that’s got to be a good sign!

A huge thanks to Emma Arscott who gave up her time to accompany us, and also to Chris Young who did a fab job on the recording.  The night before the event I had a ‘phone call asking about the recording engineer – “when does he have to be in Windsor Road?  Has he got a van?  Where’s he coming from?”.  I was happy to be able to say “he’s coming from Queen Street and he can carry everything he needs!”

Click here to hear the Recording of “Wherever You Are”

It was indeed a very successful day.  Only £50 raised for Canolfan Porthceri Centre, but that wasn’t the point of the event.  And the answer to “when’s the next one?” – in the spring we’re planning a “Sing gospel” session.  Watch this space!

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