Art 4 U is a voluntary organisation that aims to make the viewing and participation of art accessible to all. It takes art out of the art gallery and places it in public spaces, inviting you to take a creative, contemplative journey through nature whilst enjoying free public art, through painting and sculpture.

The events and works that Art4U create hope to evoke thoughts and feelings of contemplation and reflection that draw upon the natural tranquillity of the surroundings. You become part of the art through simple reflection.

The central themes of any work that Art4U creates or endorses is based on community, connection, compassion and culture, and must be gentle, sharing, giving and offer insight.

Our volunteers are from all members of our community, including visual artists, young people, the unwaged and the elderly. Currently we have around 20 active volunteers taking part in projects that range from creating public sculpture, music concerts and talks in local schools.  Our projects have touched thousands of people in our area since its launch in February 2010.

Art4U believes that all members of the community will be able to access and celebrate artistic creativity through our projects.  The essence of our work is to ensure art is available to access for ALL.

We aim to increase art facilities in the community, promote visual art, and provide a forum and opportunity for local artists to exhibit their work, promote community participation and increase volunteers self esteem, confidence and skills.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more about Art4U please visit



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